Bowman man takes pizza delivery to the next level

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 12:10 PM CDT
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A Bowman man has taken pizza delivery to the next level.

This week, TJ Honeyman has driven hundreds of miles to deliver his Next Door Pizza pizzas from his restaurants to customers throughout western North Dakota.

Inside this trailer, are pizzas. Lots and lots of pizzas.

“325 large pizzas,” said TJ Honeyman, owner of Next Door Pizza.

TJ Honeyman is delivering those pizzas to customers throughout western North Dakota..

“It is a lot of miles, but I don’t have another job right now,” said Honeyman.

Honeyman was laid off in April. So, he decided to focus on his pizza business, Next Door Pizza. He’s got restaurants in Bowman and Scranton. But the coronavirus forced him to think outside the pizza box.

“Our dining room has been shut down for two months,” Honeyman explains.

So, he took his pizzas on the road. At first, those ordering pizzas had ties to Bowman, or to Honeyman.

“I’ve known TJ for years; I was trying to help a friend who was trying to keep his business open,” said DeAnna Gratz of Bismarck.

But as word spreads, his customer base has grown.

“I’ve never had it before, but a friend posted about it, so I figured give it a shot,” said Ashley Olson of Bismarck.

On this day, he’s got more than 300 pizzas to deliver.

“It’s going to put a little Band-Aid on the wound,” said Honeyman. “It’s exciting when you can take 326 pizzas on the road in one day.”

But he’s not stopping here; next week, Honeyman will load the trailer again and head east.

“I call it my east river run. I’ll stop in Steele, Jamestown, Fargo, Detroit Lakes. A friend there has ordered 100 pizzas already. It’s a neat thing,” said Honeyman.

A neat thing that he plans to expand even further. He’s got plans to take his pizzas to the Williston area and also into South Dakota.

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