Bowbells suspends recycling program

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BOWBELLS, N.D. - A city in North Dakota is rethinking its recycling program after the close of a sorting facility in the region.

Bowbells recently suspended its recycling program.

"We have to decide if we are going to keep our recycling here in Bowbells or what we are going to do with it,” said Lanette Jager, Bowbells.

The city was bringing its recyclables to Kalix in Minot until the business shut down that part of its operations at the beginning of this month. The Bowbells City Council met Monday morning to discuss their options but couldn't reach a decision.

"We've tabled it till next month," Jager said.

The closest sorting facility for the city now is Williston.

Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma says the city may be willing to partner with neighboring cities if enough Minot citizens want it.

“We also have to ask ourselves as a community if we are going to partner with other communities in a recycling program if it stands up," Sipma said.

The Minot City Council voted to hold a survey soon on the issue. At least 4,000 households must opt- in. Jager said that the program could be helpful to neighboring cities.

"That might be something that would be of interest here in Bowbells because we still have recyclers here that still want to recycle," Jager said.

Bowbells will discuss what recycling will look like for the city in its next council meeting.