Bottineau residents clean up after Sunday’s storm damage

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 5:50 PM CDT
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Some tense moments Sunday night in Bottineau County.

A local family is getting a closer look at damage to its property after they say a pair of tornadoes touched down.

It’s much calmer now but Sunday night it was a different story as a tornado made its way through the field behind me less than 150 yards away from the Hill Family homes.

Becky Hill and her father-in-law Robert say they experienced the storm differently.

“We were watching as it came in and realized as we saw the clouds switching in different directions that maybe we should head to the basement,” said Becky.

That's when Becky sprung into action.

“So we grabbed the kids and went downstairs. My husband stayed up and watched everything,” she said.

Becky's father and mother-in-law, who were watching TV, wasted no time in heading for shelter.

“All of a sudden it got dark, and so we come to the back door as we get to the backdoor. This behind us, we saw the tornado forming and we turned around and headed for the basement,” said Robert.

The family said all they could do was wait them out.

The storms damaged a large tree, as well as the roof and door to their barn.

Members of the family say that they are grateful for minimal damage and that no one was hurt.