BookMobile campaign reaches its goal

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Burleigh County Bookmobile serves more than 9,000 people every year, and after 20 years and more than a 120,000 miles it's about time to replace it.

The Friends of the Library foundation has raised more than $240,000 over the last few months, which covers more than half of the cost and saves taxpayers from footing that part of the bill. The library has finally reached its goal. They expect to have the new vehicle by the end of May.

"They're so busy going out into the rural areas making sure that everyone in the rural parts of our county have access to library services, and it's important that they can continue to do that, and they need a vehicle in good working order to do that to be able to get out there. So it's definitely time for a new vehicle," said Christine Kujawa, library director.

Burleigh residents check out more than 50,000 items a year from the bookmobile.