Boil order lifted for Glen Ullin after mouse contaminates city water supply

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GLEN ULLIN, N.D. - A boil order for the city of Glen Ullin's drinking water supply was lifted Friday afternoon after a State Health Department test cleared its main reservoir of any contaminants.

The order was lifted shortly before 2 p.m. says City Emergency Manger Albert Lautenschlager.

He says all lines the water tank feeds to have been flushed out and there are no limitations to use of water in the city.

The boil order was issued Monday by the city emergency manager after a mouse was found in the water supply tank. The order allowed residents to bathe in the water, but not ingest it.

The order also required infant formula to be prepared with bottled water.

Lautenschlager said there were no confirmed reports of sickness due water contamination.

Lautenschlager says the water supply contamination was limited to Glen Ullin's supply and did not affect the remainder of a regional water system.