'Blue Line Bears' honor memory of Dep. Colt Allery

ROLETTE COUNTY, N.D. - The family of Deputy Colt Allery now has another way to remember the sacrifice Colt made for the people of North Dakota.

Courtesy: Ann Millerbernd

Colt's children were presented Wednesday with what are called "Blue Line Bears."

They are teddy bears that are used to commemorate the loss of someone in the line of duty, and help the fallen officer's children cope with the loss.

The bears wear a blue-line ribbon, and have Colt's badge number on their chest, as well as his end-of-watch on their feet.

Sheriff's deputies met with Colt's family Thursday to mark the occasion.

Colt was killed in the line of duty in January of 2017, and thousands from across the country headed to Rolette County to honor him at his funeral.