Black Hawk view of Memorial Day ceremony at N.D. Veterans Cemetery

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MANDAN, N.D. - This is a bird's eye view from one of the Black Hawk helicopters flying over the Memorial Day ceremony at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

From the ground, all you see is a very well-timed flyby of the crowd. To make this a reality crews take off early and fly around the area waiting for the cue.

Staying in contact with people on the ground at the ceremony. Then, with military precision, they turn toward the cemetery and make their approach. Since we weren't able to point our cameras straight down we don't have a shot of the ceremony itself. The crews are honored to take part in the event.

"Memorial day is a very important day, whether you wear the uniform or you don't, to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedoms that we get to enjoy each and every day," said Maj. Jason McEvers, a Black Hawk pilot.