Black Friday tips

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Black Friday is a stressful time for thousands of shoppers and store employees. Being prepared can help ease that stress for everyone.

"Black Friday shopping is all about planning your strategy. Look at what stores you want to shop, make sure you have a good plan in place, and then just come down to the mall and be willing to wait in some lines, and be patient, and have some fun," said Jennifer Wilson, Kirkwood Mall General Manager.

In the excitement of getting the great deals it can be easy to forget to protect yourself as well.

"Keep your purse close to you. Make sure you keep your packages around you. Make some runs to your vehicle, and when you do run to your vehicle make sure those packages get put into your trunk. You're watching your surroundings, not on your phone and distracted when you're walking back and forth to your car," said Wilson.

It's especially important to keep packages out of sight when they are stored in your car.

"Packages, if they're seen inside of a vehicle, especially if it's an expensive item, there are individuals that will break the window just to get into the car and take that package. Make sure your vehicles are locked up as well," said Pat Renz, Crime Prevention Officer.

Bismarck police say that while they do not see too much out of the ordinary on Black Fridays, there is usually a small uptick in theft throughout the weekend.