Bison fans tailgate in Frisco, Texas

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FRISCO, TEXAS - The Bison fans that made the trip to Frisco headed to Toyota Stadium early Saturday morning to kick off tailgating.

With temperatures mimicking North Dakota, and snow falling from the sky,

"This is the worst weather we've seen by far," said Bison fan, Jeremy Stud.

Fans remained optimistic to set up their tents and start the grill at 7:00 in the morning.

"We've had a lot worse days in the West Fargo lot," said Bison fan, Monte Kubas

Some fans welcomed rivals under their Bison tents.

"My niece goes to JMU, but we've been tailgating with the North Dakota people for years," said Doug Kline.

Knowing a victory was in the near future.

"Bison fans are so nice, but I think they're so nice because they know they're going to win," said Doug Miller.

Others were creative when preparing for their tailgate.

"We've only had to use a forklift twice, once to put a motor in, and the other to put a pallet of beer in it."

Rain, snow, sleet, or shine, Bison fans had one thing in mind,

"Oh we're still going to have fun."

Celebrating another year in Texas, with another Championship title.