Bismarck woman takes tomatoes to new heights

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BISMARCK N.D. - A Bismarck woman is using the side of her condo to flourish vegetables at heights over 8 feet.

Phyllus Nyguard has always had a green thumb.

However this spring, she trained her tomato plant grew to grow up the side of her condo to reach heights over 8 feet.

The photograph shows Phyllus’s son, John, who is 6’2 extending his arm to the top of the plant.

The tomato plant measured in at a height of 8’10.

Phyllus says she’s already picked over 20 tomato’s, with another 40 still on the plant.

Last year Phyllus says her plant was almost at tall as this years.

She hopes the tomatoes will continue to grow, so she can pick them throughout the fall.