Bismarck teacher stalemate reaches agreement

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Education Association met with the Bismarck Public Schools negotiating team for four hours Wednesday night.

An impasse was declared earlier this month regarding negotiations.

Both sides have come to an agreement on several terms.

They agreed to a two-year contract and salary based on tenure.

In the future, two married employees will only be able to take a family health insurance plan.

Principals at each district school will also be recording the amount of time teachers spend at the school during after hours.

A report will be compiled by July 2018 to further examine the eight-hour work day.

The district will also create a safety committee to increase communication among teachers and administrators.

"We wanted that communication, that back and forth between administration and teachers, talking about that safety language, and talking about what we needed to do in the schools directly," said Toni Gumeringer, the teacher lead for the Bismarck Education Association.

The next steps are teachers voting on the measures, school board approval, and a final review of the contract.