Bismarck switches out street lights with LED bulbs

BISMARCK, N.D. - The city of Bismarck has been replacing the old HPS street lights with new LED ones.

The fixtures produce better lighting and 60 percent less consumption than the HPS lights.

The new bulbs are also less maintenance for the city because the old lights needed to be changed every three to five years, while the new LED ones need to be changed every 10.

"Well, we feel like it's pretty important for cost savings for one thing. One thing with LED's is part of it is security. You can see things better on the street, they also direct the light better," said Paul Lies, electric department supervisor.

Money for the bulbs comes out of the Public Works maintenance budget.

The department believes the new bulbs are a preventative maintenance that will save the city money and it'll be safer for the public.