Bismarck students participate in 'Kick Butts Day'

Published: Mar. 21, 2018 at 4:29 PM CDT
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It's a well-known fact that smoking is bad for you, and according to be, nine out of ten smokers start before the age of 18 and one in five adults and teenagers smoke.

Students at the University of Mary and Horizon Middle School informed themselves and their peers through different events, sharing facts about tobacco use during 'Kick Butts Day.'

'Kick Butts Day' is aimed to discourage the youth from using tobacco products and encouraging adults to quit.

Horizon Middle School students pledged to be the first tobacco free generation by signing their names on a banner that said 'Pledge to be the First.'

"It's a big thing to me, a lot of people have been dying from doing drugs, doing alcohol, doing cigarettes. I think it's a good thing to spread the word to end it," said Allanah Davis, sixth grade student.

Students also hung banners around the middle school with facts on them to aid student awareness of the dangers of tobacco use.

University of Mary students were airing out their 'dirty laundry' of big tobacco to educate their peers on cigarettes.

"Kids being the main source of the target for marketing for Big Tobacco companies, I don't think they're aware that they are. So, I think by just doing a display and letting them know you are the target is really beneficial," said Mariah Septon, University of Mary student.

Jordyn Schaefbauer, a tobacco prevention specialist with Bismarck Burleigh Health says peer to peer education is a major help.

"A lot of kids look up to the older kids, and so to see that peer-to-peer education happen is really inspiring," Schaefbauer said.

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