Bismarck students delight as public pools open for the summer

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck's public pools are open just as the summer is heating up to record temperatures.

A dash to get in to the pool and enjoy their favorite Hillside activity.

"Just swimming," said Jericah Haptonstall, swimmer.

"Definitely the yellow water slide. It goes really fast," said Logan Morris, water slide enthusiast.

"The rock wall," Grylee Lawrence, climber.

It was so warm, KFYR-TV's Max Grossfeld took a dip as well.

It's not just the kids and Grossfeld enjoying opening day. Bismarck Parks has been working hard to get the pool in dunking shape.

"It's fun for everybody. We anticipate this time of year just as much as the regular public and we've got all our staff trained in the days leading up to today so we're ready to go," said Dylan Thiem, facilities specialist.

The pool should be a help for parents as well.

"It's fun and you get all your energy out," said Anthony Senger.

"It's just something fun to do in the summer. I've always swam so I've been coming here since second grade, met up with a few friends over the years. It's just something fun to do," said Jakob Weippert.

Now that fun is here to stay all summer long.

For pool hours and prices, you can go to​.