Cleanup in Bismarck after storm

BISMARCK, N.D. - Once the winter storm wrapped up, Bismarck was left with around 8 inches of snow.

During the early morning hours, and overnight, plows have been out clearing roads.

While the busiest streets were in decent shape because of snow plows dedicated to those stretches, neighborhood streets have been pretty messy.

The Public Works department says it's now working on that part of the cleanup.

Keith Glass: "We're out there to make the roads safe just give us a little time and if you can, remove your cars off the streets so we can clear the streets a lot faster," said Keith Glass, roads and streets supervisor for Bismarck Public Works.

He says plows went through the city twice to remove snow from emergency routes and school areas.

"Whenever this weather shows up like this, we're all on call and we go around the clock, two twelve-hour shifts," said Tom Fettig, heavy equipment operator.

Glass says they've had two plow accidents but no injuries during this storm.

"We slid into a parked car, it's so icy on the streets. I don't know if you've seen that video with that truck yesterday? Well that's what happened to the motorgator. It slid into a car," Glass said.

Glass says they are working hard to finish the cleanup.

The snow pushed out of the way in downtown Bismarck will be taken to one of three drop off areas on Thursday.

Glass says it will probably go to the water treatment plant on London Avenue.

Until then, continue to drive and walk carefully.