Bismarck man shot by officers was involved in previous altercation with law enforcement

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The 49-year-old Bismarck man shot multiple times by Bismarck Police is a familiar face for them. He was involved in a similar situation several years ago.

Glenn Allen Lovgren was shot by police in 2011 after he pointed a firearm at officers responding to a possible hostage call. Officials say last night's 911 call was similar to that incident.

After checking the area, police found no evidence of people being held hostage, and officers were unharmed. But Police Chief Dan Donlin says from what he remembers, this is the highest number of officer-involved shootings in a year for Bismarck.

Donlin says his first question is how is everyone and our officers.

"When I get that phone call my heart sinks," says Donlin.

Donlin says although officers are highly trained, he is concerned for their safety. His second concern is individuals who he says appear to be making bad choices.

"The snipers and those types of things. I'm sure the patrol officers are somewhat concerned about that," says Sgt. Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department.

Monday night officers responded to the Clem Kelly Softball Complex area to a report of two people being held hostage. After a resident told police there was no threat, an officer spotted Lovgren running. After making a movement like he was pointing a weapon, three other officers fired.

"They don't have to sit and think about what they're supposed to do, they know the law, they know the policy and they know what they are justified in doing," says Donlin.

Donlin says although these are tragic situations, they are learning experiences for officers. In January, police opened fire during an incident with Travis Clark and an incident with Miguel Stubing. The most recent officer-involved shooting was for James Scott in March, who died at the hospital.

Police say Lovgren was in surgery today for his gunshot wounds and his current state is unavailable.