Bismarck schools work to distribute Chromebooks to students

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Each Bismarck school is working out specific ways to distribute Chromebooks among their students. However, not every school is equipped to give every student a Chromebook.

Solhiem Elementary school ran into a problem when deciding how their distribution process was going to work.

Solheim has an inventory of a little over 300 Chromebooks, but they have about 520 students. The number of families is about 380, so they knew they would fall short if some families didn't already have access Chromebooks in their homes.

Solheim sent emails out Monday night to parents asking if their students already had access to a computer and which families needed one.

The majority of parents responded that they didn't need laptops, so Solheim was confident Tuesday that they would be able to provide access to those who need computers the most.

Solhiem Principal Shelly Swanson said, "We were we were confident at that point we were super excited to hear that they already had access in the home, they already had devices in place that they felt they could use, and at that point we knew we could deploy what we had and really get one to every to every family in our school."

The school also reached out parents to see who needed internet and gave them options on how to obtain that access.

Bismarck Public Schools says each elementary school principal will communicate this week with their parents regarding getting computers.