Bismarck reviewing animal control ordinances

Published: Feb. 23, 2018 at 6:23 PM CST
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Bismarck's city commission is reviewing it's animal ordinances, and changes will be brought before the commission in the next couple months.

Under the current city ordinances, residents are limited to any combination of three pets the size of cats or dogs. There is no limit on animals like gerbils or chinchillas.

It is also against the current city ordinance to buy or sell turtles of a certain size. However, Animal Control says that they don't currently enforce this ordinance.

The animal advisory board was formed about a year ago to review and change Bismarck's pet policies.

"A lot of our ordinances were written, like I said, in the 50s or so, and haven't been updated. So a lot of people don't know where to look for them or what they actually are," said Melisa Hilsendeger, Bismarck Animal Control officer.

Those that have more than three pets can apply for a permit to have more. It costs $5 and a health inspector will have to inspect your home.