Bismarck residents skate with the Bobcats

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dozens of aspiring hockey stars took to the ice on Sunday to work on their skills with the Bismarck Bobcats.

On the ice at the Flurry Fest event.

Tanner is one of the kids excited to get to work.

"Like maybe get better at stick handling, picking, shooting at corners," said Tanner Frieze, Bobcats Fan.

"Just try to shoot or whatever, see how good their accuracy is on me," said Gavin Mitzel, Bobcats Fan.

The bobcats were also excited to get started.

"It's a great atmosphere, they're always smiling, they're having fun. It's a break from the stress and the grind of the junior life. Being out here enjoying some pond hockey with some kids," said Aiden Gallacher, a Bobcats Player.

Aidan shared some of his top tips for his growing fans.

"Work hard, you may hear it a lot, but it goes by quick. The harder you work at it the easier it is," said Gallacher.

The Bobcats were even showing the kids that if they really want something they need to fight for it.

There will be events going on every day through the rest of the month of February. For a full list of Flurry Fest events you can go to: