Bismarck residents enjoy rain for a change

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Rain showers across the state excited North Dakotans tired of dry conditions. Amounts varied depending on location, but people we talked to say every drop helps.

Bismarck residents say the rain that lasted about four to six hours this morning was needed and hope there's even more moisture in the near future.

Reminders of a morning rainfall could be found throughout Bismarck.

Residents said they were pleased with rain for a change.

"Now downtown I've been able to use my umbrella," said Cheryl Fenster, Bismarck.

"It was raining briskly it was great, my lawn appreciates it, too," said Gordy Leingang, Bismarck.

Bismarck received just under half an inch but amounts were higher near the South Dakota border at one and a half inches.

Near Dickinson's airport rainfall was recorded at an inch and third, but in town they received a lot less. Nonetheless people say they're thankful for some moisture.

"Hopefully maybe with this it will help the grass to grow and it doesn't sound like the crops are going to make anything but I guess we can take what we can get and hope for the best," said Fenster

While the rain was psychologically refreshing many places still have a long way to go to reverse drought conditions.

"Unfortunately not everybody has had a lot of rain, there are some places that just cannot seem to get anything but overtime with our continued chances for at least scattered storms, at least we got more chances on the way," said Kevin Lawrence, KFYR-TV Chief Meteorologist

The rain trend may continue Friday before we dry up again this weekend.

The residents said they were also happy about the rain for their farmer and rancher friends who have been struggling with the drought.