Bismarck residents can now track their water usage by the hour

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 6:43 PM CDT
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Water rates have gone up in Bismarck, so if people want to turn on the sprinkler for the dry grass, it's going to cost them.

But a new water analytics tool that could make it easier to stay on budget.

The City of Bismarck has created a water analytics portal that gives residents detailed insight into their water usage.

Public Works leaders are encouraging residents to become more aware of their household's water consumption.

They say improving water meters throughout the city has made residents' water information more accurate and more available.

"We may be one of the very few cities across the state that have access to water analytics and it's basically because of that meter change out program that we did. Customers now can log in and they can actually see their water use by hour,” said Utility Operations Directory, Michelle Klose.

Customers can also compare water usage by the year, month, or day and set monthly usage goals to ensure they don't go over their personal budget.

To set up a water analytics account and start tracking your water intake, you can register online at