Bismarck representative says DUI checkpoints inefficient

BISMARCK, N.D. - DUI checkpoints have gotten drunk drivers off the road, but Rep. Rick Becker of Bismarck wants to stop using them, saying they're inefficient.

Now there's data backing him up.

House Bill 1442 would eliminate the checkpoints and Becker wants to replace them with roving saturation patrols.

The bill got a 12-2 do pass recommendation after Becker cited a study which found for every drunk driver a checkpoint gets off the street, a roving patrol can take off three drivers.

"We have the ability with this bill to not only get more drunk drivers off the road, not only increase awareness and deterrents, but also ensure our rights are being protected by being stopped only with probable cause. It's a win-win," said Becker.

Highway patrol stayed neutral on the bill saying they were tracking it.