Bismarck program digs for history

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It not as far of a drive as you would think to find dinosaurs in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Geological survey partners with the Heritage Center to put on a public fossil dig program outside of Bismarck.

The program allows the public to sign up and help dig alongside of Paleontologists.

“The fossils they are finding are going to give important contributions to science to try to make it clear to people that science is accessible to everyone and everyone can make a contribution,” said Clint Boyd, Senior Paleontologist for the North Dakota Geological Survey.

Today marks the first of three weeks at a private sight where remains are found every day.

“We’re finding at least two or three new bones every day and already on this first day here we've seen that same rate stay up . We already have two to three more bones that we didn’t know were there last year, discovered this year,” said Boyd.

Last year the group discovered a 5-foot triceratops rib along with other dinosaur bones.

People from various states travel to North Dakota to participate in these seasonal digs.

However, all discoveries stay in the state of North Dakota to be displayed.