Bismarck police officer kicked in head while searching suspect

BISMARCK, N.D. - A Bismarck Police officer was kicked in the head while searching a suspect.

Police say they were responding to a possible assault between two males, 24-year-old Chance Thompson and 20-year-old Jory Whitebull, early Monday morning.

Officers say when they arrived the two suspects fled the scene. Whitebull headed North on Columbia Dr., and Thompson tried to run West but fell down.

BPD say Thompson was handcuffed and put in the back seat of the patrol car, and the officer went to assist in arresting Whitebull.

When the officer opened the door to search Thompson, he denied and was pulled out of the car by the officer. Police say this is when Thompson kicked the officer on the left side of the face and head.

Thompson was arrested for simple assault on a peace officer and Whitebull was arrested for minor in consumption and fleeing on foot.

BPD says the officer felt sharp pain, tenderness and a lingering headache.