Bismarck police officer involved in shooting cleared of wrongdoing

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Police Officer involved in an October shooting was cleared of any wrong doing by the Burleigh County State's Attorney.

They say Officer Justin Antonovich had a clear justification for the shooting after he was attacked by Donald Miller.

The deadly force investigation may be over, but Antonovich now has to go through an internal review board at the Bismarck Police Department.

Chief Dan Donlin says this is an opportunity to learn from.

Wednesday was Antonovich's first day back on regular patrol duty after the October incident that left him and Donald Miller in the hospital.

"Getting a little bit of the rust off of me but it feels good to be back out with my shift," said Antonovich.

According to the complaint, Donald Miller was in the process of attempting to steal a police vehicle, when police say he began punching Antonovich in the head and gouging his eyes.

Antonovich says he's doing much better.

"Everything seems to have healed up pretty well for a while there it was tough but from the doctors checks and things like that everything seems to be fine at this point," said Antonovich.

"It's relieving and very exciting to get him back on the street serving our community again," said Donlin.

He says the review board will decide if Antonovich followed all policies during the incident and says he looks forward to seeing if there are any areas they can improve on as an agency.

As for Antonovich, he says he is thankful for the community's support during the investigation and for his quote "brother and sisters in blue" that helped him that day.

The Bismarck police officer involved in a shooting back in October has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

The Burleigh County State's Attorney's Office has ruled that Officer Justin Antonovich was justified in his use of deadly force when he was attacked by 51 year old, Donald Miller, at the Bismarck Motor Motel.

Miller has been charged with B Felony Robbery and C Felony Simple Assault on a Peace Officer.