Bismarck meth cases rising

BISMARCK, N.D. - Methamphetamine cases are rising in Bismarck and a Bismarck Police detective said it is the most easily found drug in the streets now.

The Bismarck Police Department said it has seen a large increase in methamphetamine cases this year.

“We used to think that every car we stopped had alcohol in it. Now it seems like every car we stop has meth in it. That’s a little bit of exaggeration, but we’ve dealt with meth 315 times so far this year,” said Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department PIO.

An investigations detective at BPD said the import is coming from Mexico and then making its way up here.

He says an ounce of meth goes for $1,000 in Bismarck.

Last week the department found meth ingredients behind a school.

“Somebody has to pay for that. Now, how are they going to pay? That often leads to thefts from vehicles, shoplifting where they’re selling the merchandise. Even some cases where you rob somebody and steal their wallet because they got to pay for their habit. And it also leads to they take a little bit for themselves and they start dealing, so the whole thing snowballs,” said Buschena.

Buschena said this is not only a problem law enforcement have to deal with.

He said education is important to reduce the amount of meth on the streets.