Bismarck man writes 'Academic Epidemic' song to remember COVID-19

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 11:54 AM CDT
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Pat Phillips is a systems innovator in Bismarck Public Schools technology department by day. By night, he's a musician.

Recently, he got to combine the two, and the result is something worth listening too.

When Bismarck Public Schools superintendent Jason Hornbacher asked Pat Phillips to bring his guitar to a staff meeting, Phillips decided to take the request to the next level.

“I wasn't sure if he was serious or joking, but it got my wheels spinning, and I thought I should come up with something new and creative,” said Phillips. “I wrote a little song for the executive team meeting.”

Phillips wanted to capture the experience of transitioning Bismarck's Public Schools to online classes.

“This is a challenge. We have the skills to get through it. Everything is going to be okay. That’s what I was thinking about. I also wanted to make them laugh a little and have a small amount of fun,” Phillips explained.

And while technology and classrooms continue to change, music has been the one thing that's been a constant for Phillips.

“Keep things sane, a little bit normal. That’s what everyone is trying to do right now," said Phillips. That’s always been something for me.”

An academic epidemic, 2020 style.

If you'd like to hear Pat's "Academic Pandemic" song in full it is attached to this story.