Bismarck man, another couple fall victim to identify theft, check fraud

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One man is out almost $50,000 and another couple almost lost $33,000 after two identify theft and check fraud incidents in less than a week.

The Bismarck Police Department says a 52-year-old Bismarck man noticed $48,000 was missing from his account after a check was cashed in Birmingham, Alabama.

A 65 and 70-year-old couple almost lost $32,600 after a check was cashed in Rio Grande, New Jersey. However the bank flagged the check and it was not processed.

Bismarck police say both incidents happened between Jan. 15 and 21 and all three people had Gate City Bank accounts.

Phil Swan, Fraud Supervisor at Gate City Bank says when the bank investigates and confirms a customer is a victim of fraud they don't incur the loss, the bank takes the loss.

Swan also says they partner with other financial institutions and law enforcement across the country and doesn't want people to be embarrassed about reporting fraud.