Bismarck hunter fills moose tag and lifelong goal

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Deer hunters are gearing up for the opener on Friday.

Photo courtesy: Randy Hohbein

At the same time, a shorter season for a much larger animal has come to a close, with a handful of hunters bringing home the jackpot.

Last month we brought you a story about Randy Hohbein, he's been applying for the bull moose lottery for more than 20 years.

This time he hit the jackpot, not only when his number was drawn, but when he shot a bull too.

A hunt that only 475 people get to be a part of.

"It was so exiting, it was the first time I had seen a moose on the hoof before," said Hohbein.

Hohbein was unsuccessful during bow season, but three days into gun season his string of bad luck ended.

"The time the moose was walking towards us, my heart was pounding out of my throat," said Hohbein.

With a single pull of the trigger, Hohbein had fulfilled a lifelong goal.

"It was over quickly, but the excitement of walking up to it after I had shot it was unbelievable, it was so big!" said Hohbein.

The Department of Game and Fish says the odds are with the moose.

"There's a under 1 percent odds of being drawn," said Jeb Williams, Wildlife Division Chief for the North Dakota Department of Game and Fish.

But, there are plenty of other hunters who hit the jackpot.

"Moose is probably the highest, or is the highest that we have for success rates, generally go. In and around that 90 percentile success rate," said Williams.

After the fun, work on the carcus began right away.

"It took me and two other guys two days to cut the moose up after we got it," said Hohbein.

Even after his hunt of a lifetime, Hohbein is looking ahead to the others.

"I unfortunately didn't get a tag for the deer season, but my daughter, son-in-law and grandson all got deer tags for the Badlands. So Saturday morning, that's where we head," said Hohbein.

On the hunt for more memories and game.

Although Hohbein will never go on another moose hunt, he says he's glad he had the opportunity.