Bismarck girl sells corn for college

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BISMARCK, N.D. - College is expensive, and the price keeps going up. One Bismarck family has a plan to pay for their daughter’s college education, one ear of corn at a time.

This time of year there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find 4-year-old Grace Sand in the cornfield.

“She helps plant the corn, she waters it if not rainy season and helps harvest the corn,” said Grace’s mom, Keisia Sand.

But this is no ordinary cornfield: this is corn for college.

“We wanted something to pay for college. We want our kids to have some ownership,” explained Keisia.

The lessons Grace has learned in this cornfield have exceeded her parent’s expectations when they planted that first seed three years ago.

“She has learned how to manage money. She knows that it goes in the bank for her college fund. When we have corn that hasn’t sold, she puts it in the wagon, walks to the neighbor’s house. She has learned about growing things from a seed,” said Keisia.

While her college fund grows, one ear of corn at a time, Grace is still unsure about her future career.

“I could be a teacher, but I don’t really want to,” said Grace.

But there’s one thing she is sure of: corn is yummy.

Grace has built quite a list of return customers. Her mom says this year they started taking preorders in April and so far they’ve already sold 30 dozen ears of corn and have orders for another 30 dozen. They hope to be picking corn for another month.