Bismarck feasts on Food Truck Festival

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Foodies from Fargo to Fairview are sinking their teeth into this weekend’s food truck festival.

Organizer Mike Schmitz says he expects 9,000 to 10,000 people over the weekend.

According to Schmitz, the event is all about bringing good cooking back to Bismarck.

“I started this in Fargo five years ago, and I was ready to bring it home,” said Schmitz.

The event is located in the Lark’s stadium parking lot on Front and Sweet street. If you can’t find it, follow your nose.

“I have to make it to the BBQ trucks, there are some where the smell has been driving me crazy all morning, so I’m headed there pretty quick” said festival security guard Bernie Schafer.

Schmitz says this year’s menu can take you on a trip around the world, so be sure to come on an empty stomach.

“There’s great BBQ, authentic Thai, Czechoslovakian, Native American,” said Schmitz.

Truck owners say it’s a great opportunity to test taste buds.

Czech Wagon owner Katrina Hodney says her favorite part is “introducing people to new food, that’s one thing food truck lovers absolutely love we want to share our goods with the public.”