Bismarck farmers recognized for helping during emergency plane landing

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 8:00 PM CST
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Three relatives who farm on Bismarck's south side sprang into action last year when a plane malfunctioned and landed in a field.

The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department recognized those men as guardian angels.

Tending to live stock, and harvesting the fields, is a normal day on Myron and Fritz Rogstad's farm.

"We heard this plane and it kept spitting and sputtering. Casey looked at me and said, there's something wrong with that plane," said Myron.

Myron’s son Casey Rogstad, who was an off-duty fire fighter for Bismarck Rural, received a page for a plane that went down.

"Realizing it was pretty close to where I was at, I drove to that area to see if I could locate the plane," said Casey.

After unsuccessfully locating the plane by car, Casey went to search on foot.

"I don't remember the temperatures, I think they were below sub-zero, but the wind was really strong that day," said Casey.

He walked for nearly a mile till he found the plane and two occupants.

"I saw this, it was intact, and I thought, great! I could see there were people inside. I think they were surprised to see me, that I was walking towards them out of nowhere," said Casey

Casey then made a call back to the farm, seeking help from his dad and uncle.

"I jumped in the tractor and headed down and broke the trail open for the Sheriff’s Department and whoever else had to get in there," said Fritz.

Emergency vehicles were in need of help due to the remote location.

"By the time I got there I had quite a convoy of sheriffs behind me," said Myron.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Department paid the men back, by recognizing them as Guardian Angels.

"I was very proud when I saw that plaque, it was beautiful,” said Fritz.

As if Casey, Fritz and Myron were there eyes in the sky watching over those below.

The husband and wife were not injured in the crash, the family has not spoken to them since the emergency landing.

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