Bismarck farm breeds champion hunting dogs

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Glencoe Farm and Kennels trains and breeds pheasant hunting dogs.

The farm has trained and bred 85 North Dakota champions and 9 "national" championship dogs.

Glencoe Farm and Kennels trains and breeds Cocker and English Springer Spaniels.

"A lot of our dogs are other peoples and sometimes that's even more rewarding because you can add a little bit to their life and you can share a journey with somebody by helping them train their dog," said Paul McGagh, trainer.

To get a puppy to become a championship winner like these dogs, takes patience.

"Don't push them too quickly. If you have a good foundation and you have problems in training, the most important thing is to go back a step to what they were doing well," said McGagh.

Throwing tennis balls just ten to fifteen minutes a day is all it takes for these puppies to learn how to be hunting dogs.

"They have very little attention spans, but there brain is like a sponge. But you can only give them little segments or minutes at a time," said McGagh.

The most important thing McGagh wants the puppies to remember is that good things come from him.

"Through training you may have little falling out, but if you got a great relationship, it always proceeds any training obstacles," said McGagh.

Glencoe Farm and Kennels charges $1,000 a month to train a dog.

Next month I'll tell you how dog owners are continue to train their dogs after being at Glencoe Farms..

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