Bismarck broken down into policing districts, Neighborhood Crime Watch reintroduced

BISMARCK, N.D. - Police can't be everywhere, and they rely on others to help them fight crime.

Bismarck Police are reintroducing the Neighborhood Crime Watch program. And this time, the reporting is computer based.

The Bismarck Police Department broke down the city into six districts. The department says breaking the city down into different districts makes it easier for them to tackle crime and for these teams to be created.

Cassie Raplee lives in a quiet and safe community and aims to keep it that way.

"We obviously don't want crime a part of our life and would love to do anything and be able to prevent and stop it," said Raplee.

The Neighborhood Crime Watch program aims to make a direct streamline between law enforcement and the community.

"Rather than a phone calling tree, would be by email," said Sgt. John Brocker, BPD Crime Prevention Unit. "There are advisory committees that are going to be set up in each of the community policing districts. They're going to be a liaison between us and that community policing district."

Some say it's about being there for one another.

Donella Engstrom has lived in Bismarck for 55 years.

"We've got a good neighborhood. We watch out for each other," said Engstrom.

Along with this, is also a business watch program with the same idea but for businesses across the city.

One of the big things the police department wants to do with the Neighborhood Watch Program is to have neighbors look out for neighbors.

If you're interested in being a part of this program you can reach out to the police department at: