Bismarck 'Wonder Woman' flies to Dallas for premiere

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MANDAN, N.D. - The much anticipated movie, " Wonder Woman" is premiering in theaters Wednesday.

Warner Brothers Pictures and Studio Movie Grill started a national campaign to find real women who are superheroes in their communities.

They found one right here in Bismarck.

She wasn't sculpted from clay, but she sculpts bodies.

Aphrodite didn't give her life, but she helps veterans get their lives back in order.

Thea Jorgenson is a real life Wonder Woman.

"She does so much for this community. She is so positive, and such a positive source," said Larissa Harrison, Team Red, White and Blue (RWB) member.

Jorgenson was one of 12 women chosen in a Warner Brothers nationwide search to find "real superheroes."

The National guard member owns her own studio, where she works with veterans through an organization called Team Red White and Blue.

"Those people that are struggling, they don't have their battle buddy or someone to talk to that has that same thing. Team red White and Blue brings them back," said Theresia Hersdh-Fode, Team RWB Bismarck chapter captain.

The organization connects veterans with their community through social and physical activities.

Jorgenson also juggles her studio, and is preparing to start a mentorship program for girls who have been bullied.

"She just donates so much of her time. And I know she just loves not just Team RWB, but loves being in the national guard," said Brooke Morgan, Team RWB member.

Jorgenson will be flying to Dallas and walking the red carpet premiere of Wonderwoman.

"We really, really want to make an impact in our community. For me, that's the greatest thing about owning my own business. Is that I don't have to just serve myself." said Jorgenson, Thea Ward Fitness.

But when she gets back, she'll continue to build the bodies and shape the hearts of those around her; no lasso needed.

Jorgenson was selected from a group of more than 700 applicants.