Bismarck Rural Fire Team responds to grass fire in East Bismarck Monday

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Smoke and small flames in a Bismarck resident's backyard called the Bismarck Rural Fire Team to east Bismarck.

Six members responded to the grass fire around 5 p.m. that was near train tracks.

Chief Michael Voigt says they believe something from a train that passed started the fire.

Today's wet conditions didn't prevent the fire, and Voigt says it's important for residents to mindful of fire dangers.

"We've kind of had some off and on rain here so that's worked in our favor it's slowed things down we split the fire in half and the one half of the fire that was burning away from us against the wind we just let that go and focused on the part that was moving with the wind so as soon as we got that out then we went back and put the other half out and now we're just kind of putting out hot spots before we leave," said Voigt.

The team said they would monitor the area before leaving.