Bismarck Public Works prepares for winter storm

BISMARCK, N.D. - Pre-treating on roads began earlier in the week with a liquid called beet heat, this is different from beet juice and Bismarck Public Works says this is more cost effective and less corrosive than salt.

This is one of the equipment operators, flipping the switch, to make roads safer during winter weather.

"We're going out and we're just hitting some spots that may be a little slick. Got that freezing rain this morning," said Dennis Wetzel, equipment operator.

Wetzel has been with Bismarck Public Works since 2002 and says last season they made a change from beet juice to beet heat.

"What this stuff is mostly designed for is so that the snow and the ice doesn't stick to the road surface. So any snow that we get, it's gonna keep that bond loose so when we come by with the plow it should all come off," said Wetzel.

Wetzel says beet heat is more cost effective and melts snow and ice well below zero degrees.

"It's more of a molasses, instead of the waste water sugar or the sugar water, what the beet juice was," said Wetzel.

In downtown Bismarck, residents know the winter season is right at our doorstep and says it's time prepare.

"We're from North Dakota, we just need to be prepared. Make sure you have a full tank of gas, make sure you go to the grocery store, you're stocked up on what you need. Make sure you have a winter survival kit if you're traveling," said Michael Iken, Bismarck resident.

Now that the holiday is over, getting home might be a challenge for some this weekend.

Bismarck snow removal has an online map to track where plows are and what streets and scheduled to be plowed:​