Bismarck Public Schools continues hiring process virtually

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BISMARCK, N.D. - All North Dakota schools have transitioned classroom teaching to on-line learning, and delayed, postponed or canceled many events.

However hiring new employees can’t wait according to Bismarck Public Schools officials.

The hiring process for the district has taken a virtual turn as job interviews are now done online.

Jeannette Myhre Elementary school principal Shawn Oban normally interviews prospective teachers the old fashioned way, in person.

Oban said, "There's been group interviews where we bring groups of candidates together over at Hughes and then go through that process, and then there has been experiences where it's just an individual that comes in and sit around a table with members of the staff."

With the Outbreak of COVID-19, Oban's facing uncharted territory as he prepares for the next school year.

Oban said, "The biggest challenge is not being able to meet folks face to face. You can't have people that are coming into your building to see your building and the very people that work in your building, so doing that all virtually is, I mean it's different and it's a challenge."

However the district isn't letting the virus distance BPS from hiring quality educators.

Oban said, "For the teacher interviews we're using Zoom and one of the reasons that we find it helpful is that you can see everybody that's in the room at the same time.”

Oban says COVID-19 brings changes every day, but one thing remains, the districts' commitment to students' education.