Bismarck Public Schools continue classes despite weather

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Today was a snow day for many students in North Dakota, but not everyone got to stay home.

Bismarck Public Schools decided not to close, but the superintendent of the district said it's ultimately up to the parents if they want to pull their child out of the classroom.

A junior at Bismarck High School said there were a lot of missing students due to the weather conditions.

"Half the parking lot's empty, usually you can't find a parking spot," said Corey Mahoney, Bismarck High School junior.

The students that did go to school were disappointed, especially since Mandan schools were closed.

"We should still be able to be closed if they're closed, it's kind of unfair. They get a free day and we're still kind of running around," Mahoney said.

"They should of cancelled because we're not that far away from Mandan," said McKayla Saari, Century graduate.

The superintendent of the district says parents had the choice to end the school day early if they wanted to.

"We've had parents frustrated that there's school and they've called. We've had parents call and plead not to let school out early because no one is home and they're not going to be released by their employer to go home and be with them," said Tamra Uselman, district superintendent.

Despite schools being open, all extra-curricular activities were cancelled.

Uselman says should Bismarck Public Schools close Tuesday, parents would be notified via the alert system.