Bismarck Public Schools cancels outdoor recess due to poor air quality

Published: Sep. 13, 2017 at 11:25 AM CDT
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In order to protect children, the Bismarck school district kept them inside during recess Wednesday.

There are concerns about activities like football and soccer practice as well.

Usually students don't get indoor recess until the cold winters arrive but today they were in for a treat.

The playgrounds at Bismarck elementary schools were abandoned Wednesday, despite the warm temperatures. Unhealthy air quality caused outdoor recess to be cancelled, and rescheduled for the classrooms.

“I like indoor better, especially in the winter, because you don't have to go out in the freezing cold all the time,” says Adaline Nelson.

Some students were confused about the change of plans. Fourth grader, Xander Hanson, wanted to enjoy the last bit of warm weather while it's still here.

“Today it was supposed to be pretty hot out and so that's why I wanted to be outside because next week it's not going to be that hot out,” says Xander Hanson

Other students didn't care about the reasoning, and were just glad to be inside so early on in the year. Cadence Kostlecky says she prefers indoor recess.

“There's more options to do in indoor recess and there's more time to spend with your friends,” says Cadence Kostlecky.

Despite how much louder the halls were at Liberty Elementary School this afternoon, Principal Linnett Schmidkunz is happy the children were happy.

“I think being it's so unique I think the kids thought it was pretty novel today. If it continues all week then the novelty won't be as fun,” says Liberty Elementary Principal Lynette Schmidkunz.