Bismarck Public School District offers technology internships to students

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Students in the Bismarck School District are getting a head start on real world career training.

Saber Cybers began as a tech club at Legacy High School when it opened seven years ago.

Last year, the district began offering an internship to a dozen students across high schools to help manage and repair student chrome books.

The introduction of internships in the district led Legacy High School to promoting seven club members to interns in the tech club.

"We wanted to create an internship to give these students the opportunity to gain real world problem solving opportunities and skills while they’re in high school," says Aaron Preabt, Technology Project Leader.

Seven interns work in rotation throughout the school day to provide other students with maintenance and repairs to their chrome books.

"Lots of kids, they come in with there’s pretty beaten up, and you wonder what they do to them," said Jace Weishaar, a senior at Legacy High School.

The damages done by students, give the interns the opportunity for hands on experience, which play a larger role in helping them decide on their future.

"It’s definitely made me think about if I want to go into programming for sure or if I want to do computer engineering," said Weishaar.

Interns receive credit toward graduation, and future scholarships.

Educators say it prepares students, as it acts as a real job simulation.

"There’s a lot of expectation on them, as being a hired intern verses just being a club member," said Preabt.

In order to help students develop the necessary skills before walking across the stage.

"We're hoping that they leave Bismarck Public Schools as ready for a career and college as they possibly can be," said Preabt.

Developing new skills as interns, to advance technology in the future.

This year, the Bismarck School District upgraded all of the middle schools to a one-on-one chrome book program.

The district now has more than 6,000 computers that are managed and repaired by the 12 interns.