Bismarck Public School Board to train for new governance model

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Public School Board will soon be training for a new governing model, which clearly spells out the roles of each level of education will soon be discussed by Bismarck Public School Board Members.

In the new layout, the board will set goals for the district and assign it to the superintendent to carry out the work.

He or she will then evaluate the progress and report back to the board.

Current superintendent, Tamara Uselman, says the new format will put more accountability and responsibility on her position.

“It's not so much about this board but our board, what they're trying to do is, set up a framework and a model that can allow future boards to operate in a more efficient manner,” said Darin Scherr, business and operations manager.

The board will start training in January and at the end of their coaching the board will decide how quickly they want to adopt the model.