Bismarck Public Library's book sale provides hours of fun

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Turning the pages of a good read is said to be a thing of the past.

If you walk into the Bismarck Public Library's book sale you can see that's not true.

The library has been gathering used books, puzzles, audio cassettes and CD's to get ready for this big sale.

The Bismarck Public Library's bi-annual book sale is selling thousands of books to raise money for projects for the library.

Bookworms of all ages go to the sale to find their favorite novels.

"It's always great to have new books to read at home. We read so often, everyone can get a little bored, including me, so it's fun to add some new interesting stories and topics to the mix," said Holly Triska, mom and Bismarck resident.

Genres ranged from Fiction to Western, which is Timothy Schoch's favorite.

"I can sit and read for five, six, seven, eight hours a day. It doesn't bother me," said Timothy Schoch, Mandan resident.

Not only is there a large variety of books, the price is outrageously cheap, costing a dollar a pound.

Schoch says he bought 38 books for $24, but the market value for those would be over $550.

"It's a very good deal because most of those books, for example, I picked one up yesterday was a regular priced book was $12.95," said Darlene Faber, Friends of the Library member.

People left the sale with arms full of books, smiles on their faces and many hours of reading ahead.

You still have today, Friday and Saturday to come down and grab your favorite book.