Bismarck Public Library offers art on loan

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 at 4:02 PM CDT
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Everyone knows you can borrow books, DVDs and CDs from the library, but you can also decorate your home or apartment with art on loan.

The Bismarck Public Library has famous prints ranging from 'Starry Night' to the 'School of Athens'.

Anne Larson came to the library today to pick up some audiobooks, and paintings.

"We have a nice range of things. A lot of impressionists, some modern paintings, but a lot of recognizable pieces that people will have seen places before," says Elizabeth Jacobs, Assistant Library Director.

Renting art is the perfect way to add some color to your home for cheap. The collection includes more than 200 pieces to choose from. Anne uses the program to try out new decor for her home.

"Just a way of testing out different styles. Things that I maybe wouldn't purchase for myself but try it out and maybe it's something that I decide 'Oh, I really like that look!' And it's just kind of a fun way to freshen up your decor at your house a little bit too. Yeah I love the idea that you can do that," says Larson.

Teachers can use the art to educate their students. Other people simply use it to class up their life.

"I've heard of someone who was having a party and just wanted something new to hang on the wall. So, there are a lot of different reasons people would want to take these things home, but the feedback especially since we've had all of the new updated prints has been very good," says Jacobs.

The recent update added many new pieces to the collection and re-framed old ones.

The library also has fishing poles and life jackets for rent.