Bismarck Principals Build A Playground In Philadelphia

Published: Jul. 30, 2017 at 5:44 PM CDT
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More than a hundred school principals from across the country gathered in Philadelphia to helped the students of a disadvantaged school.

Two principals joined a group in Philadelphia at a conference where they learned how to better service our students.

"I think my biggest take away is that some of the struggles here in Bismarck are some of the same struggles that they are facing around the country," said Shawn Oban, Principle of Roosevelt and Highland Acres Elementary schools.

But these men and women didn't just talk about how to help kids... they also got their hands dirty.

"The biggest focus was the playground, and getting the playground built, which we were able to do in one day, which was fantastic. Probably, I've been doing it five years, that's the furthest we've gotten on a playground in one day, but then just taking care of the school grounds inside and out. Painting, cleaning," said John Alstad, Principle of Miller Elementary.

Thanks to a little bit of pre-work and a bigger conference than usual, the playground was finished in about four hours.

"There were kids that were just waiting to get, to be able to get on that playground, and as soon as we walked away there were kids that were rushing onto the new playground equipment," said Oban.

Every year a deserving school is selected to receive the new ADA compliant playground.