Bismarck Police give holiday shopping safety tips

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BISMARCK, N.D. - With the holiday shopping season coming up, Bismarck Police are reminding everyone to shop safely and keep some things in mind to protect your belongings, yourself and your loved ones.

Bismarck Police Officer Pat Renz says to keep in mind who you're talking to when shopping. Renz says this time of year many people will approach you trying to sell products and some could be scammers.

He says debit and credit cards are best to shop with in case your purse or bag is stolen, because they can easily be cancelled.

Renz also recommends talking to children about safety before shopping.

"You want to have a plan if you do get separated in the store. Make sure that they know that they shouldn't leave the store, they shouldn't go outside into traffic in the parking lot or anything like that. And have a place to meet up at at the end of the day," says Rentz.

Renz also says if you're expecting a package with holiday gifts, make sure to track it and have a person home when it arrives so it's not stolen.