Bismarck Police, bomb squad respond to suspicious item

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Police Department responded to a call of a suspicious object on the corner of Commons Avenue and 6th Street.

Lt. Luke Gardiner says around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, someone found a pipe on Normandy Street and brought it home. When the resident opened the pipe, a spring was inside. The resident then closed the pipe and called the police.

"Unusual piece of equipment that somebody would've manufactured at home, that was just suspicious. You wouldn't have been able to find something like that in a store," said Kendall Vetter, Bismarck Bomb Squad.

Police and the bomb squad responded and blew the pipe up.

Officers with the bomb squad say the object was a home-made trinket that didn't contain any explosives.

Traffic was blocked om 4th Street for about two hours.