Bismarck Police, Mayor say they will not tolerate criminal activity during protests

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Tuesday, Bismarck Police and the mayor addressed the media about Monday's protest activity in Downtown Bismarck.

The mayor and police wanted to reassure the people of Bismarck they are determined to to allow everyone their right to free speech, but if the law is broken they will not tolerate any criminal activity from anyone.

"They have to assure the citizens of Bismarck their free speech and movement as well. And they cannot take over streets, they cannot block intersections. We will be making arrests," says Dan Donlin, Bismarck Chief of Police.

If anyone would like to know more information about when protest activity is taking place in Bismarck, you can log onto the City of Bismarck website and sign up for the CodeRED alert for your cell phone.