Bismarck Parks and Rec looks to community for input ahead of their 2027 centennial

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BISMARCK, N.D. - To get ready for their centennial in 2027 Bismarck Parks and Recreation are listening to residents about what should come next.

Executive Director Randy Bina says surveys will be mailed to random residents, and after that the survey will be available online as well.

While skaters were enjoying Bismarck's newest facility, The Capitol Ice Complex, residents from all walks of life were upstairs discussing what Bismarck can do next.

"The parks will find out what they can do better. I think they do a lot of great things right now, but I think they can up their game," said Kurt Weinberg, lacrosse coach.

Residents were vocal about what they think the city needs.

"Some opportunities for families and kids if we had an indoor playground space, I'd be a strong supporter of that," said Weinberg.
"Sertoma courts, we have six now, an additional four would really enable us to hold more tournaments. Right now we're losing a state tournament to Grand Forks because they have a large facility," said Bob Cordova, tennis enthusiast.

Bismarck Parks and Recreation is gathering public input for the next few years of work.

"Are there any populations that are under-served. Age groups that we're missing. Again, it's really all about engaging the community and getting their input that will help us develop a plan for the future," said Parks and Recreation Executive Director Randy Bina.

This was the first public meeting for the new plan and there will be more opportunities for residents to give their opinions.

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