'Bismarck Moves' project tests out pedestrian curb extension, high visibility crosswalks

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Tuesday, the city of Bismarck launched an active transportation demonstration project aimed to improve safety and enhance the community at the intersection of Fifth Street and Main Avenue in Bismarck.

This used to be part of the street, but now with this Bismarck Moves project it's an area for pedestrians to stand.

The city of Bismarck is testing out a pedestrian curb extension and high visibility crosswalks on the intersection of 5th Street and Main Avenue.
The City Engineer says the goal of the Bismarck Moves project is to bring more attention to the areas that are shared by both pedestrians and drivers.

"I don't know if this is a good thing for pedestrians because I think they need a dividing line between the traffic and where pedestrians can stand," said Bismarck resident Brenda Stone.

This project offers an opportunity to test street improvement design solutions using temporary, low-cost materials before investing in permanent ones.

"The value that we're able to achieve by having demonstration projects like this with only spending a thousand dollars per say on an improvement to test it out rather than spending $70,000 to try out an idea and have it not work," said Gabe Schell.

Go! Bismarck-Mandan gave a grant of $1,500 and the Department of Health gave a thousand dollars to have this project done.
Schell says the city hopes to not go over the grants its received.

"Bismarck Moves" project is expected to end in August.

If you'd like to give your feedback on this 'Bismarck Moves' project you can go to www.bismarcknd.gov.